Vacation Destination & Conference Center

Jordan Hill Farm: A Vacation Destination & Conference Center Like No Other

jordan_hill_farm_richmond_kentucky_40475_wellWith its 85 acres of rolling hills, secluded woods, and 4,500 sq ft homestead building, Jordan Hill Farm is a scenic countryside retreat like no other. Located in the heart of Madison County, KY, this beautiful destination is perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor venue for a family fun filled reunion, an art/ photography workshop location, unique business conference site, or just a relaxing vacation. With its combination of rural charm and modern amenities, Jordan Hill Farm offers an unforgettable experience for every occasion.

Famous for its picturesque hills and  lush forests, the farm also features private ponds and creek, making it an extremely popular destination for birdwatchers and artists alike. Leisurely walks is just another attribute and part of the serenity to the farm in clearing your mind, body and soul.  Truly, a breath of fresh air!

The uniqueness to Jordan Hill ambiance is the discussion on how you may want to have the feel of the conference room, featuring everything you need for business presentations, small seminars and workshops. We love fresh ideas for motivation and relaxation combined.

Corporate event planners looking for a relaxing atmosphere with a convenient location and an assortment of activities available need look no further than Jordan Hill Farm.

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