Enjoy the Outdoors at Jordan Hill Farm

Jordan Hill Farm Offers an Amazing Outdoor Venue & Local Historical Attractions

If you’re planning a corporate retreat or another special event, then¬†Jordan Hill Farm offers a wealth of advantages as a destination, including bird watching, beautiful views of Kentucky’s rolling hills, and important historical sites just a short drive away. In fact, several locations related to America’s most famous frontiersman, Daniel Boone, are within easy visiting distance of this unique vacation rental, meeting space, and wedding venue.

One of the most fascinating sites is the reconstruction of Boonesborough, a 1775 fortification and one of the first large settlements in Kentucky. At its height, this pioneering outpost numbered more than 20 cabins, along with impressive wooden fortifications to defend against Native Americans and, later, the British army. These simple, crude cabins consisted of wood-and-earth walls, simple beds of buffalo skin, and one fireplace to warm the one room in each. However, the colony continued to grow into one of the primary areas of life in colonial Kentucky.

In fact, in the late 18th century, Judge Richard Henderson dreamed of founding a fourteenth colony in this area, which he intended to call Transylvania, and even went so far as to establish a local government. The first formal religious service in Kentucky was held in Boonesborough, along with the first government meetings.

While archeologists are unsure of Boonesborough’s exact location, a reconstruction based on historical descriptions stands near the site today. Visitors are welcome to explore these sites, and imagine life as it was for the pioneers who first settled this beautiful land.

Visit Jordan Hill Farm online to see their other rich local offerings, or call (859) 623-0807 now if you have any questions.

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